Legal Overview

The Somaliland Constitution establishesa tripartite governance structure with anexecutive branch, a legislative branch,and a judicial branch. The executivebranch is headed by the President whonominates the Ministers who, report to the President.

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Legal and Dispute Resolution

The legal system is a mixed hybrid that has fused portions of Somali traditional norms, Shariah norms (usually of the Shafici school), and statutory law which pulls both from common law norms and civil law norms. 

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Investment Protection

Somaliland maintains a strong system of investment rights and a straight forward corporate law where investors will get adequate protection and compensation for their investments:

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Guarantees Against Expropriation

Investments that have been properly registered with and approved by the Board may not be expropriated unless there is no other method by which the government can safeguard the “public interest.”

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