Land Ownership and Property Leasing

If an investment has been registered with the Foreign Investment Board, as described above, it will enjoy a three year tax holiday on profits. 

The three years begin when the investment enterprise commences its operation. Following the expiration of the tax holiday, any profits reinvested into the enterprise will enjoy a 50% reduction on the normal tax liability of that profit.

Legal Framework

The following acts regulate the conduct of business in Somaliland for different activities:

  • Somaliland Company law (Law No: 25/2004).
  • Classification of Trading Business Law (Law No: 26/2004).
  • Foreign Investment law (Law No:29/2004).
  • National Livestock Code (Law No: 34/2006).
  • Banking Act (Law No: 54/2012).
  • Telecommunication Act (Law No: 50/2011).
  • Somaliland Fishery Law (Law No: 24/1995).
  • Private Sector Employees Law – Law No. 31/2004 (As amended 2008).
  • Somaliland Civil Code.
  • Mining Code.
  • Maritime Code.
  • Land Tenure Act


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